Out of the Clock

The numbers simply stare at me… I know deep down that I should consent to the lure of sleep, but – the digits are so mesmerizing… Each number a mere assortment of meaningless fragments… Separated by two dots that defy gravity – oh the depravity… Who in their right mind beholds dashes and dots and proceeds to extract some useful meaning from them?  Better luck trying to use your hands to turn charcoal into a priceless gem… And I look at this digital medium thinking, priceless them – worthless among all the creations of men… And yet – as each second strolls by, followed by the longer gait of the minute – a force is mounted against the dark… These smaller soldiers in the army of time bear more iron steady resolve than Tony Stark… I mean come on – not even bearing the strength of light yet steadily beating back the dark… Drawing the sun from its steady vigilance on the other side of the earth, to this exact spot I stand on.  It is a war that night shall never overcome for Time has one thing in its favor – only God can blow out the sun.  … The ferocity rages around me, but all I can think of is sleep, and how those lit dashes and dots never blink… Not one wink, not a single clue to unlock its mystery… Just a silently jading pressure to go to sleep – and a hint of mockery should I rebel… I lose this battle every time – not even Red Bull wings outfly the downward draw of sleep time… Or time itself for that matter… My head begins to nod – unconscious surrender from deep within… The numbers do not even acknowlege victory with even the slightest flicker… Ah well – I guess tomorrow I can futilely try again…

~ The Wordsmith

By Joshua Evans Posted in Musings

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