My mind’s racin, heart outdistancing the pacemaker, motion unabated, happiness belated, concern – nigh worry – inflated, feeling shelved like jam that’s been refrigerated… what’s going on?  I’m a cat in the dark hearing the barking of dogs, frog off the lily pad slippin on sliding logs… What happened to the peace in me?  Wherefore art thou oh decency?  Silly me like Mogli, or tickle me Elmo… Legs that were an instant before iron rods, have shifted to mere jello.  Indignation where is your bellow?  Overcoming spirit have you too gone mellow? 


The boy has chosen fright, now smash it we must with all our might… Assault him with our perverted delight, pierce him with thoughts of a degenerate kind… He has built a house of cards with his logic, and we The Breed are the ax kings… To his intellectual solidity we shout TIMBER, every member of his sanity shall we dismember, and remember – the goal is not to void life, but to leave it scarred like Simba… To leave him bitten like winter… We The Breed are the vulture’s wings… The keenness with which it sees and the death in its beak… We The Breed shall takes this human, rips it to shreds… Debunk it like broken beds, and intoxicate it with our talons til the blood no longer runs red…


I grow weary of discord… these humans think themselves less, and these spirits think themselves more… If only someone would look at the scoreboard, then this score of afflicted humans would grow bored… Ebbing and flowing around and through them, giving them their edge I do… Systematically teaching the system, giving up hope for a substitute… A hero was sent, a veritable clark kent, but no matter how super the man, the ones with legs refuse to stand…


There are no voices in my head – but I sense a flurry… Batwings in the invisible realm.  Approaching me.  Steady.  Unhurried.  I play the piano keys – or is it that they play me – and I wed the guitar strings, but my voice is off key… I’m locked out.  This destiny is my house.  That echo of peace from Heaven is MY sound… Ah so I see boldness has returned now… And yet I wonder – what’s going on deep inside me?  I need some rescuers down under… underneath into the ever widening stream – that spawns mirage and makes everything not as it it seems…


Courage dear heart.  Courage.  No fear.  A fallen man can again rise, and a risen one can be fortified… No need to fear.  Courage dear heart.  Courage.  You ARE legend like Robert Nevell… A light in the dark… Just keep the candles burning, so that at nightfall, the light still shines from your heart… Courage dear heart.  Courage.  No wine is sweeter, and nothing more bitter than the richness of humanity veiled behind fear, doubt, and shame – wretched soul eaters.  Let your humanity shine, for indeed it is what you are – had you been meant to govern seasons you would have been created as a star.  You understand?  A fallen man can again rise… and a risen one can be fortified.  Courage dear heart.  Courage.

~The Wordsmith


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