I need someone to make me laugh… I need tears of joy in my eyes, to cleanse my insides of this wrath… Don’t ask me why I’m mad because I really don’t know, it’s some kind of response to some type of growth… Whatever is going on is completely ambiguous, got me feeling ridiculous, borderline delirious, numb to my senses, is ANYbody hearing this?  Not quite a falling star, but not quite hanging in the sky… A moment after hello, but a few shy of goodbye… A grey sort of truth, but definitely not a lie… A tug of war… But I’m not on either end, I’m in the mid, my toy story’s getting cut short like the ones owned by Sid… I need someone to tickle me Elmo, hahaha, like the funny bone near my elbow… I need a happy bellow, even if somewhat superficial like black and yellow.  Ha.  I guess I can be my own stand up comic, stand and laugh at various topics, take pride in my life like Bilbo Baggins the hobbit… I must summon the pride of a model, the elegance of a wine bottle, the speed of full throttle, the diligence to not dawdle…

Smile.  Laugh.  Ho, ho, ho. 

At last I’ve found my part in this melody… at last I’ve found my note…

~The Wordsmith


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