Time and Past

It is time…

It is time, and past time, for the time is now.  The cradle has fallen from the bough, the rain has already been cast from the clouds, and the seeds of our destiny are in the ground… Right.  Now.

It is time…

It is time, and past time, to stop making excuses to chuck deuces to the dreams and passions our hearts sing over our mind, as over our life, our mind silently peruses… Time to stop holing up in caverns of doubt, looping our way through loop holes, so that we logically have a reason to label as tomorrow the inspiration that is right now.  It is time and beyond, like Buzz and infinity, to stop living under the pretense of contentedly, when actually our soul is very vividly, responding to our actions quite lividly, with no timidity, and pushing us to take several risks, that our lives may transcend unto purpose – literally.

It is time…

It is time and past time to stop living in fear, and pride, and foolishly keeping our personalities inside… It is time and past, like the last bell after class to grow up like grass, and allow ourselves to fall in love… Yeah.  Allow ourselves to love and to be loved… To give and receive love… To uplift others with it, then fall full body in it, using wisdom and discernment, and to quote tony price, “using cash relationships, not credit…”

It is time…

It is time and past time, as if the very ticks themselves have abandoned the clock, and each tock grows muffled like snoring through a sock… It is time to wake up and smell whatever greets your nose.  Time to learn, and adapt, instead of being enslaved to what we pre-suppose.  Time to learn and to know… Time to fill that space between our ears with planets beyond pluto… Time to place Dora on Disney’s Mustang, and re-gain our explorer’s spirit… Time to tune into revolution’s mating call, sight the prey and spear it…

It is time…

It is time and past time to throw our stomache out and not be held back… For all to often hesitation costs us point position in our pack, and we – beheld back.  Moonlight or sunshine, it’s time to own your moment – my time.  Old school called it “high time,” today it’s called “grind time…”

Whatever your horse is named – summon it and saddle up…

For it is time… The world is waiting on a special release of power… and that release – is us.

It is time.





~The Wordsmith


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