25 Card Pickup

The male game is a deck of cards… This is 25 card pickup…

1) Ay girl how you doin?

2) You must be tired cuz you been runnin around my mind ALL day

3) I lost my number… can I have yours?

4) You want some fries to go with that shake?

5) I just thought that you should know that – your first name and my last name go well together…

6) Psh, I must be Charlie cuz you’re definitely an Angel!!

7) Heh, heh – ohhhh rigggghhhht….

8 ) I need a map, cuz I just got lost in your eyes…

9) You must be a football coach the way you got me playin the field…

10) I’d catch a grenade for you…

11) Girl when God said let there be light, He made you, because without you my world is dark…

12) Baby you’re my forever, cuz those legs never stop…!

13) Hey- I’m single, you’re single… Let’s fix that problem together.

14) You wanna be my diary?

15) I’m a poet… romantic right?

16) Wooo!!  Girl you so hot, I gotta wear sunscreen around you…!

17) Do you think tripping you would make falling in love easier?

18) No offense, but – we would make beautiful babies…

19) You have a finger – I have a ring… A match made in heaven!

20) Who cares that I’m not rich, buff, or famous?  I’ve got character baby.  CHARACTER.

21) So… what do you look for in a guy?  **listens** What a coincidence!  That is me exactly!!!

22) **pokeball throwing motion** I choose you!!!

23) Ay girl – you have a real sexy neck…!

24) Can I have yo numba???

25) What?!?  You’re married?!?!  Well… look me up when it’s over.

~The Wordsmith


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