Free 32

Yes… Let my tell you why my God is the best

He’s the greatest, the latest – as in most recent

And He’s so far beyond good, He can’t even see decent


I know you might have some questions

Like riddle me this, and riddle me that

But as fast as you can pitch

Twice as fast I can bat

My God is rad, He holds me close

He keeps me close to His face like a baby pokin His nose

And when I tell a lie, nothing on my face grows

But he looks at me sternly because – He knows

His power is omnipotent, all consuming all of it

You might find this apalling kid

But this make the me the tallest kid

I’m the top of my class…

The ace in the deck…

You see, cuz I do what I’m called to

And JC handles the rest

This has been a fast 32

Off the top, out the dome, pulled from the sky blue

Just for fun, to tell you about my number one

The one who is really three, but is also personally only one

The one who is confusing, but always crystal clear

The one to whom my soul and mind draw near

Drawing  outside the lines, yeah I’m kinda pre-k

But I’m God’s kid son… He looks out for his babies

This means me

And yeah I suppose it could also mean you

Adopting is pretty much what we in the kingdom do

So if you want in, just walk through the door

And if you hear me spit 12 bars, go on and finish it with four more






~The Wordsmith

By Joshua Evans Posted in Random

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