There once was a boy with a dream…

Twas a jerk though, was the only thing…

So then he awoke

On reality he broke

And promptly went back to sleep..


There was once was a girl with pizzaz…

She was classy, and danced often to jazz…

But then she met boy

Away went her joy

Out went her light, now she’s mad…


There was a dog named after a car…

Mating instinct was off the charts…

When you came in he jumped

Every girl he humped

His weapon straight as a dart…


There is a searching man

He combs the entire land

Looking for Proverbs 31

Won’t stop til he’s done

He’ll win her heart as only a Knight can


There exists – The Greatest

Made Good – was elated

But Good tripped on pride

Became Corrupted inside

Now his offspring must forever taste it





~The Wordsmith


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