Mr. Invisible

Mr. Invisible sits,, faded into the background.
Stagehand pulling strings,,emotions unfound.
Unseen behind the scene,, while the star’s out front.
simply amazing,, to put it blunt.
Gliding across the stage,, a beautiful angel.
Never a misplaced step,, body in the perfect angle.
Makes his job easy,, gets to enjoy the show.
wait for his cues,, and toss in some snow.
Co actor comes on,, audience breaks into applause.
Because he’s a nice guy,, with love like Santa claus.
But the crowd doesn’t know,, this angel he’s been studying.
She continues to smile,, with greatness stupefying.
But he sees the stress in her movements,, once done before in ease.
What kind of man,, would bring an angel to her knees?
The show must go on,, so the angel stays.
Despite the misuse,, to keep the stage ablaze.
Replace the fake Santa? The stagehand can.
He would empower the angel, walk beside his star like a spaceman.
But this is just a fantasy,, done in the shadows.
The dethroning of this boy,, send him back to the rat holes.
But his role is still in the dark,, so far that the crowd can’t see him.
Watching his angel suffer and cry,, like a sad over sung hymn.
Because who cares about a man,, who sits alone and faithful.
This the life, as Mr. Invisible.




Cameo Appearance Poured By: Mr. Invisible

By Joshua Evans Posted in Musings

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