Youth With A Valentine

As dusk turns to dawn
I start thinking upon
All that you girls mean to me
The thoughts turn into smiles
And my mind runs in miles
Because your lives remind me of He
Beauty and wisdom flowing
Your connection with God growing
Makes me proud to be
Part of your life
Watching you take flight
Cruising so beautifully
Glowing like a night lite
Shining so bright bright
Oh so majestically
Everyday reflecting his face
Constant reminder that the race
Isn’t meant to be done swiftly
For all of this and more
I just wanted to pour
Out what you mean to me
Awesome young ladies
Eager to dance like crazies
We love you so dearly
From Gods mouth and ours
From Gods heart and ours
You are made beautifully and wonderfully
Happy valentines day

~Trailer 8 boys


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