Rejoice… Again I Say Rejoice!

Oh what joy is this!!!  What surmounting tides of ethereal ecstasy have captivated my soul!!!  The sun has paled to the luminance of the moon in comparison to the crescendo of light inside that makes me whole!!!  The eyes behind my skull have been reduced to cataracts and forward is the only place I can go!!!  Forward march!!!  Full steam ahead!!!  Behold the Lord Himself has paved the road before my feet, and prepared my resting place wherefore I shall lay my head… There is no darkness, nigh even in the bowels of a black hole, that possess the might to snuff me!!!!  There is no opposition that can oppose me, for they degrade unto mere stepping stones whenceforth they approach me!!!  What Love is this!!!!!  What power hath consumed my being?!?!  It is Goodness that has absconded with my heart, and woe unto me should I demand its return!!  My former being would have me for that desideratum so yearn, but my new self is now salient and greatness is the fuel which my passion doth burn!!!  With Creator without, and King within, how then shall I fail??  Mastery over life, power stripped from sin, what reason is there for me to condemn my soul to hell???  The river floweth from Heaven upon our very heads, and so few tip back to drink!!!  So few experience the Lord’s water-wine whose taste is beyond ability of explaining!!!  Open your mouths!!!  Open your minds!!!  Open your hearts!!!  Time is rapidly approaching the finish line… Taste and see, laugh and weep, then grab the attention of those nearest thee!!!  Tell them!!!  Pour them a drink!!!  Oh how Divine is life when from our core, Heaven’s full power is unleashed!!!!






~The Wordsmith


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