Free 32

Hey there baby let me express like panda
My love is growing for you like it was in a planter
I plan to see you daily, you are my day planner
Witty words for you, ha, not just banter
I’m goin down the banister, rollin down the stairs
And when I hit the floor I am hopin you’ll be there
Oops I shouldn’t of done this, I didn’t see that chair
Now I got blood all over, even in my hair
But that’s why got you baby, let’s play doctor
I’m laying here, so you can read me like a teleprompter
I like to call you lower case, because you aren’t proper
My baby, and my queen… definitely not a pauper
Definitely not a walker, definitely not a stalker
Full run towards love, footsteps gettin harder
I’d lay my life for yours, yes, something like a martyr
Best lessons were learned with you – ha – you’re so charter

But right now the bell has rung
14 bars until I’m done
My fingers are flying, crying, sighin
That you are my uno – that means my number one
If you want to go to space then baby let’s lift off
Cuz every time I see your face, my frowns just lift off
And it leaves so soft, something like your skin
And johnsons/johnson – baby soft
I’m rolling through these streets on all four tires
Waiting til I get to you, so I won’t be tired
You are my antigravity when the world pulls me down
My flubber sending me up when I land on the ground
And last but not least, baby I’m so grateful
Thanks to you, I got love, no longer hateful
You got that glow like Lee, and a hundred million angels
And I love running my hands through your hair but sometimes it gets tangled ;D

~The Wordsmith


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