Simply Fly

What inspiration is this?
How bold… how dashing!
What motivation has bubbled up from my internal reservoirs of purpose!
Simply smashing!
Twas but a mere minute past that I was discouraged…
And now I have shed it, and been cloaked with my courage!
What marvels!  What mysteries!
I am kin to Peter now – a son of Adam Faith Walking on the sea!
Why am I deserving of such madness?
Why am I not devoid of such power?
Truthfully Grace has shown her fine features upon me
And Providence hath lavished all the favor available this hour.
Come, come and pour the wine!
Start the music and get ye dancing!
The King has returned to his dominion!
The Priest has been freed from his bewitching prison!
Bring ye the the most esteemed guests and the dregs of the land!
Gather the elderly and the younglings – we want them all if we can!
Excitement is to be shared!
Joy is to be transferred!
Courage is to be multiplied!
And purpose is always followed by the infinity sign!
What the next day holds, I know not!
But in this moment I have returned to on top!
Cheers and let the glasses ring!
No matter what the future holds for us, we shall forever receive it as KINGS and QUEENS!!!

~The Wordsmith


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