Free 32

Throw the beat up… then bring it back

I tear the street up… then pave it back

I kick my feet up… Lay on my back

Go on and put your seat up, this plane’s on that attack

Southwest to your grills, for a weird kind of thrill

Generating energy kinda like a windmill

And I will win mills, cuz this song does kill

Assassinate the beat, cold hearted killer thrill

Just call me Agent Bourne, cuz this is my supremacy

Flowin in the water with no kind of decency

Me and gravity have a permanent enmity

I’m so out of this world, but I visit frequently

And in case you were wondering, from where I am coming

Around the corner of your block is my addy numbering

I know it ain’t much, but it’s definitely something

Stereotypical rap – 16 bars about nothing.  Ha.


So lets add some substance, something called come-uppance

We’ve got to come up kid, if we wanted our dreams realiz-ed

XBox flow, 360 degree perception

Playstation on the track, internal wireless connection

Blu-ray on your brain, and high def on your face

You may have blind before, but you’re 20/20 today

Marry the O and the K, and you have your new state

From wack to awesome, it is necessary to migrate

I’m getting a migrain, from rap gone insane

Musical lyrics, trippin, flippin, every which way

Staying in the dawn, never makin it to new day

Living a dull grey life, like ash in the tray…

But wait.  Pause.  Hold up, wait minute

There’s a modern day Moses, rappin ’bout a new way of livin

Follow me, and the fire in the sky

To the promise land.  Milk and honey all the time.






~The Wordsmith


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