This Great Land

The big man is stripped of his strength
The horns of an ox of no use
The ferocity of a hurricane to no avail
The roar of thunder removed of potency
                                          In this great land…

Wit is a thing of mockery, and charm likewise
Magical features and the Sultans riches hold no sway
The past is in your pants – behind you
Deception cannot even pass through the sacred portal
                                                                 In this great land…

Nothing short of total earnestness of heart will last
There is never night because the light shines through transparency
Truth reveals itself in abundance
Fear is wholly cast out upon the streets
                                      In this great land…

Upraised morals are strengthened while shaky ones are cast down
Royal identity is the only personality currency
Depth of perception into others as a matter of course
Walkie talkies are a must, elsewise you cannot function
                                                                  In this great land…

The quality of life is greatly enriched
The heart becomes syncopated with God’s
Wisdom and Understanding are reflected in Words and Actions
The most powerful thing said in sobriety of spirit is – I love you
                                                                               In this great land…

~The Wordsmith


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