Apparently I’m Not Sick

I drank something I shouldn’t have…

And now – I’m sick to my stomache.

You see – I drank it when I was sick and was fine…

But now it’s making my healthy body plummet.

The fumes from the burps

And the sick taste in my mouth

Make my entire body lurch

Why oh WHY did I put that in my mouth?


I guess – remedies only work on the physically remedial

I overestimated my lack of recovery…

Now it’s a nauseating ordeal.


I need to wash it down with something…

Flush it through my system before I puke.

Two days ago it was a much needed idea…

Now it’s a horrible one like H1N1 for swine flu.


It’s not going away…

Every breath that I take

Causes my eyes to double dilate.


I feel like I’m ticking

And once ticks turn into tocks…

All inside will be lost.

Yup – it’s just that raw.


I’m going to go now…

Go and grab a real drink.

Something to wash away this bad tasting

Bad feeling, would be healing out…

If it’s too late then my best friend will become the toilet

I will narrate to it this simple story…

Of how two days ago I drank two cups…

And now I want vomit today’s three quarters up.






~The Wordsmith


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