Shadow On The Wall

I am chasing my true love… but she’s nothing but a shadow on the wall.  She neither heeds my calls, or trips and falls.  And when I shout her name… sometime she does not even answer at all.  It makes no difference to me really.  I’m just silly enough to stay dedicated to this good thing that has caught my eye and enchanted my soul.  Though I’ve not yet lay hold of her, I find that I cannot let go.  She is so enthralling, polar opposite of appalling, I’m hoping this is love because I’m free falling and if its not then oh well, I’ll be happy as long as she is at the bottom… She is not some lady I do not know… She’s not an amusement like an act at a freak show… Neither passing tendency, nor whimsical thriller.  No, no my friend none of those at all.  She is my Femme Fatal – the Shadow on the Wall.  The one who sniped the old me, so the new one could breath.  The one who kept swooning me with her perfume, and mesmerizing me with her voice.  Teasing me with her presence, gifting me with her illusiveness until I am annoyed.  The one I can feel but cannot reach.  The one that cannot be won with mere speech.  The one who is not dissin the good guy, but for her hearts sake and mine just wants some reassurance of security.  I love how she calls my name, and when there is something big going down she’ll dial my number.  If she is plagued by day strength and cannot slumber, her physical health is going under, or she simply is overwhelmed with a need to chat… She’ll call me.  Ah but calling her is a game… a careful marriage of sincerity and intent.  She is the shadow on the wall who cannot simply be caught. No, no she is royalty… She must woo’d and courted… I have to go out of my way for her the whole game – not just for sport.  You see because shadows… they do not detach from walls.  They materialize into transcendent beings if you have the right eyes to see.  Gather enough light into the room and the impossible and unthinkable will be. She awaits in the highest room in the tallest tower, for a one of a kind hero to do what needs doing.  My lady on the wall – thou doth know me, and soon your singleness shalt be forever ruined.  I shall never stop.  I shall never quit.  To gain thee I will do what I haven’t – no matter if it is ridiculous.  I will stun my peers, and baffle the ethereals.  Though an untouchable shadow to them, to me you are the realest of the real… I will bear the lashes of laughter from one and all, because in the end – the light of my love will materialize you off that wall, and there you will be – my whole, my baby, my angel – standing proudly before all.

~The Wordsmith


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