Here… We… GO.

I have just been handed the opportunity of a lifetime…

My hopes, my plans, my dreams… they have all pointed to this.

The various things I’ve been working on…

The multiple projects tugging on all of my gifts…

My experiences… The drawbacks and the quit I had to fight through.

The numerous times I exited the train of my own destiny…

The miscellaneous occurrences when I dieted on lies because I could not stomach the truth.

I remember… Ha, I remember everybody who met me being on some strange telepathic link with one another.

They always had the same thing to say – I was going to be great.  I’m exceptional.  Gifted like none other.

I always just shook my head… Inside all I would do is scream.

YOU DON’T KNOW MY PAIN… because if you did – then you would know me.

I recall the glimpses… the flash forwards… the visions that I myself would see.

Wanting to curse God for revealing them, but even more strongly wanting to believe.

My experiences are like a diamond studded crystal that I keep with me at all times.

In part a fragile beauty that I can now examine with matured hands…

And dually unbreakable – the tough edges a reminder of where I’ve been.

And this is where I am now… Sold out for the dream.

It’s by no means easy, but the acceptance of that now is easier than it seems.

I do what I can, and utilize the power of my gifts and skills at my disposal.

The funny part is I’m not even close to doing all that I can, but by virtue of doing something, I discover THAT I can.

And several testing moments beyond my surrender to the dream – I was handed the opportunity of a lifetime.

The opportunity is not the thing itself presented, but rather its essence…

The truth, and strength, and sincerity of purpose met with intent, and thusly dubbed – destiny.

I have been given the opportunity of a lifetime.

And now – I give it to thee.

Go.  Do.  Act.  Create.  Dream.  Try.  Fail.  Overcome.  Break obstacles.  Win.

But most importantly… BE.







~The Wordsmith


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