I regret the fact that my consciousness is active solely in my own body, and dormant in all of the others.  I am no megalomaniac desiring to eliminate free will, but sometimes – often – I wish I could overshadow the shadow in others.  I am not perfection, but I’ve got the Light like Mali… A valuable asset in any situation, like having a flashlight in a dark alley.  The flashing lights of need flash their beams on me, and I find my heart reflecting, flashing beams of healing, wishing that for all of these grounded women enduring the rain, I could be their ceiling… It is hard for me to identify which Lady Love is truly on my heart, because when I look into all these eyes, my insides are torn apart.  All I can do is offer whatever words of wisdom the good Lord gives me, and bestow upon them my most embracing smile… But like a letter going postal, or an echo going global, the need to transcend normal and breach the realm of noble – overwhelms me.  I hear their stories, and my spirit senses their authenticity, and I think “Oh that the Lord had made duplicates of me!”  I desire to be every woman’s fantasy… Every woman’s marital dream… The beloved hero dashing in to right every wrong thing, and sacrificing everything – for love.  For her affections… It sounds strange, but this drive cascades out of me like sprinting waters over a cliff.  To be the arch when life dips, the stitching when life rips, the anchor holding you down when your ship is caught up in the tempest!  I try to quell it, but my soul is so relentless.  Everyday I envision myself proposing to a variety of women… For the single mom, pressing on, working hard.  No longer bitter, filled with joy, walking in her beauty, and for her kid (or kids) being a lifeguard… I would that I could marry you.  For the young, vibrant ones who are souled out to the dream God has embroidered across their heart, and have surrendered to the wild nature the Lord melded into life.  Who eagerly desire a husband, and validate it, by working on becoming a good wife… I would that I could marry you.  For the intelligent woman, who remains aloof for sake of discernment, and needs to be woo’d to trigger her heart’s yearning.  Who laughs beautifully, and is just a bit different from most females… I would that I could marry you.  For the heartbroken, abuse recovered, and fledgling hoping… I would that I could marry you.

This goes out to the dreamers, and all of the love believers… Not for sake of props from my peers, but an outcry from my heart – true and sincere.  To clone myself and cater… To each one of you individually.  Marriage restaurant, I’m your waiter.  What do you need from me?  Let’s make a family.  Let’s live happily.  Let’s go through hard times, and come out diamond studded, stuntin on the enemy.  Let’s defy the masses.  Let’s go against the grain.  Let’s the be prototype for authentic love joined with Godly faith.  Let’s TPain this race… and win, win, win.  And get to Heaven’s gates, and do it all over again…

To each and every Lady Love… I would that I could marry you.

To bring restoration, healing, difference, strength, and to give you your mojo back, but alas…

I cannot.  There is only one man who can be Everyman – His name is Jesus…

But know that my heart goes out to you all… I’m praying for your freedom.




~The Wordsmith


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