Chromatic Disjunction

What if… What if the sky is not really blue…?

You see because daily, many things are assumed.  Every day something lives, and another is laid in the tomb…

I engage in debate over an issue, with as clear a mind as I can muster!  Calculating ahead to the end, to predict it like an unoriginal blockbuster.  My premise is that, could you but open your mind then you would see as I do.  Had you been given the light that have, then you would be more shadow proof.  … But – what if in actuality I have erred? What if the lanes I perceived as straight are actually curved, and the clear mountain view is in fact – blurred?  What if – the sky is not actually blue…?

You see, because I thought I was right.  And even if I was off a bit, I  knew that you were drastically more so, and that as long as I was moreso correct than you that meant I was more in the day whilst you were entrapped in the night… But the opposition is starting faze me.  This game is starting to play me.  I couldn’t care less about your rally of naysayers, but the sheer system is betraying me.  How is it, that a valid truth exists in one part of the earth, and yet not another?  It cannot – meaning that it never was or that time enough hasn’t gone by for it to emerge and put the lie under covers.  And I thought I was on the right track, but suddenly nobody has got my back, and rather than recline and watch me work, they want to snipe me in neck, and take out my legs just to stumble my steps… Time, and time again I find that every one wants to be in command, but no one wants to be a friend.  Everyone wants to enforce their opinion, but nobody wants to wait and see if this king can rule his own dominion… I used to get frustrated, and mad, but then again…

What if the sky is not really blue?

What if the sky is secretly a brilliant shade of green, or an ominous blood stained red?  What if the light reflecting off of our eyes giving tint to the sky is really an illusion in our mind, and all that exists is darkness…?  What if the sky has no color?  What if – we’re living a lie… believing it to be the Divine… You see because the sun burns distinctly, but through the accepted distortion of the atmosphere we call it yellow.  Through those same accepted lenses of distortion, we call the sky blue – its so easy for us to settle.  So easy to create a base from which to launch the rocket of our intuition, understanding, and perceptions… Never taking time to truly second guess them, so busy being yes men, that we forfeit the mental depths to step outside of pre-supposed precepts and see what else might be left… It’s so easy to accept that which so seemingly clearly hangs right over our heads.  Stuck in the Matrix, but not sure which one.  It’s a series of matrices, each overlapping until the exit is all but hidden.  We need a chosen one.  A Neo.  A new entity that swims upstream, and sees composition instead of projections… Or perhaps we don’t.  This is all based on analysis and perception, which may be flawed is what I’m expecting you to tell me…

You see because daily, many things are assumed.  Every day something lives, and another is laid in the tomb…

But what if… What if the sky is not really blue…?

~The Wordsmith


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