Raining Outside

It’s raining outside.

I appreciate the days like this, because they most remind me of you, and our relationship.  All around us are clouds, and recklessness, and rain… but in my heart there is warmth for that is where you are.  In our house of love, the fireplace blazes strong, creating an atmosphere against the chaos of the world where only you and I belong… The shadows flicker on the walls, the music breathing life into the background, playing soft… And I could swear that there is a rose on your cheeks.  You – smell so sweet, and your beauty is glistening… I know not from what garden you were plucked, but I know in that garden there must currently be a vacancy, because two of you in this world is too much sweetness like an ocean full of candy.  You see – as long as I’m inside with you, I forget that the outside is crude.  The rain becomes old news, because with your every breath – I experience something brand new.

It’s raining outside.

Do you remember our first experience in the rain…?  Ha.  You had just gotten your hair done, but your car had broke down so – as the habit is now – you called my name.  Needless to say – I was late.  You had an attitude, but I smiled and told you that you looked great… You rolled your eyes, and tried to look away, but at the corners of your lips I spied the smile that said that all was now okay.  Then we made the stop we never should have – to grab a few snacks from the store.  Going in was fine – it was coming out that the sky hit the floor.  I was carrying the bags, and walking ahead so I missed most of the scene, but apparently… You slipped in a puddle, held a basket to still your sway, then a gust of wind hit, your umbrella slipped, and your hair went from civilized to untamed…  You don’t know this, but I laughed.  Needless to say a smile did not fix that, and somehow this was my fault.  I would live that day a thousand times simply because you are in it…

It’s raining outside.

The drops are pounding the pavement with increasing frequency, relentlessly hurling themselves with no decency.  It’s kind of mesmerizing… Soothing as it washes over my senses… Moves my inner being to hop up and start jumping fences.  Joy overtakes me, and fixes my smile like a dentist.  I am Learning’s apprentice.  The Force is with me – I’m about Jedi business.  My love how can I love you beyond anything you know?  Shall I sing a thousand songs, or cast you as the Queen Beloved in a hit TV show?  Shall I do pushups until my arms are rubber… and then keep going?  Shall I hunt thee, thy favorite rose though it may be snowing?  Shall I brave dangerous wonders, save countless children?  Take good care of you, and still to the impoverished give millions?  Shall I defy gravity, shall I demand the sun return its shine?  Shall I go outside and halt the rain, evoke the reign of the Divine?  Everything I am is tied to all that you are… You’ve enchanted my mind, my love, like the Sultan’s Jafaar…

It’s raining outside.

Snuggled up and cozy… Warm – no nose blowing… Movies, hot chocolate, cinnamon rolls – we got it.  Ice cream… always on any day.  Just keep your spoon out my cup, with this goodness I don’t play ;0)  I look into your eyes and I see the glow of a thousand colors twinkling… Sparkling.  Dreaming.  Every part of you is stock full of meaning… The way your hair falls, the way your body calls… Against you there is no resistance, but I pretend it, because to be all gooey lovesick is simply not a tough look… It just isn’t.  🙂  But you are my true love… My best friend – this crazy joy is the proof… The best trade I ever made… Was “I do” with you<3

It’s raining outside…

~The Wordsmith


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