Heart Surgery

In the midst of my day, I was challenged in my faith…

Why do I love the Lord?  Why do I think He’s great?

Is it all the things, the promises and the dreams…

Potential to achieve, and a wife with which to cleave?

But say He took it all away.

Predicament stayed the same.

Would I give Him pout?  Or would I give Him praise…

Would I give Him my resume, or just give thanks?

You see the Bible says, that He is my portion…

That means that He is my all – I need no more then.

He’s the appetizer, main course, and of course dessert…

But without authentic faith – I just desert.

And that bothered me, because I am a Christian.

With this Holy Spirit thing I’m all in – skinny dippin…

Truth was speaking in my soul, and I chose to listen

If I wanted to be whole, I had to be different.


So I threw my hands up – I kid you not…

Told my God my life was His, top to bottom, the whole pot.

Heart so sincere to play the background like Lecrae…

Told the Lord to do His will, I don’t wanna get in the way…

The revelation of my sin-sation moved me to changed the situation…

Almost cried with dedication – yo I was not playin.

I don’t wanna block.  Don’t wanna be a bottleneck.

Don’t wanna end up tragic, like Samson and Delilah did.

I want a pure heart.  To love Him for He.

To make His presence my delight, like a Christmas tree.

I’ll be his bumblebee – even if I get no honey…

Be His comedian, though my jokes may not be funny.

You see I’m sold out – like stocked goods.

Try to reshelf me?  Ha.  I wish a demon would.

Though my heart may fail… and sometimes I stumble…

I will get behind my God, dread champion – who wants to rumble?






~The Wordsmith


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