The Battle

This sickness that we sippin, is killin all of our children

Diseases, famine, and outrageous prices of livin

If we only live to rule the world, what kind of world are we buildin

We abstain from community, what shall the children live in

Overseas people dying at the lack of our abundance

They have faith through their despondence and will quickly do a sun dance

On our end – we’re ejecting God out of our culture

Raising a generation full of self warmth with cold shoulders

In our own land, we hate each other, and condone slavery

Better watch what you say to me, because of my insecurity

Meanwhile not far away from me, some girl’s getting pumped with STDs

Some woman is getting raped despite her mournful screams

How can we help the needy if we can’t stop being greedy?

How can we find depravity, and shut it down, if in it we are sinking?

This world is a ship that’s going down – its salt water we’re drinking…


The more we sip, the thirstier we get

Misnamed ambition, but what it is, is sin

Toxic work conditions, deadly toxins when you breath in

But you have to support your family, so you forfeit all your oxygen

America sports the clothes, spun by battered and wounded 5 year olds

We just turn up our nose, and say “that’s just how it goes.”

Kids dying of thirst, in mid-step to the water

Say that to ten people, and not one of them will falter

Humanity’s in a war, and we’re taking heavy losses

Wading through dead bodies – the casualties are all around us

We’re fighting our own nature, but have shifted to fighting ourselves

If we but shelf our rights, we might, curb this tendency to fail

Like it or not, you are an armed and capable warrior

The question is – are you for you or for the army?

Imagine humans in phalanx formation – what would you worry for?

The worst thing to be is a soldier in limbo – good for nothing, and to nobody.





~The Wordsmith



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