Letter To My Younger Brother

We don’t talk much.

But we have that deeper understanding.

Nobody believes it, but we know we grew up rough.

Plane took us up, and back down for a crash landing.

Some vital part of us was left in the skies…

Something that shut us both down, sealing our wounds inside.

Padawans looking for a Master…

Everyday had recklessness – everyday was almost a disaster

We both suffered different effects of abandonment and seclusion

You used it to excel… I used it for a reaction like nuclear fusion

We both lack common sense… and common sensibility

But we both have an acute grasp of our individual abilities

It’s cuz we found our identities…

The Lord willingly, sifted sea, to expose the real you.  To reveal the real me.

But guess what?  I’m still a re-tard.

My hard drive is different, but I still have some duplicate programs inside

I get irritated… You get under my skin.

But at root we’re bonded brothers – at root we’re real men.

Don’t let nobody ever tell you anything different than that

Not mom, or dad, or Satan, or any of my stupid acts

With myself I made this pact.

I will never defend myself before you.

We can talk, we can hash, but my goal is not to win one over you

Let’s be full soldiers, and live counter cultural

Not saying we won’t fight, but Peace is first controller.

Calling the shots.  Making the game.

I love you bro, and would give my life for you on any given day

And if you ever need anything – thrown on a wig, sing out of key, and just say my name 😀



~The Wordsmith


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