The Pointblank Truth

I love you.

I have never meant that phrase quite so much as I mean it now, and truthfully I know not what has come over me, but my heart is bursting to overly shower thee with the root of my affection.  I could list the many things you do from day to day that nobody else can see or appreciate… I can run down the miscellaneous times you palmed my anger, and turned it into love before I escalated it to hate… I could hold you up to the women in my past, to illuminate the stark contrast, but ultimately – what good is any of that?

I love you.

When I say that I don’t mean it as others do.  It is not something mumbled at the table between mouthfuls of food, or a small dose of my heart like a teaspoon.  No when I say I love you, I’m telling you that all of me is wrapped up in all of you.  When your day has clouds, mine has rain.  When life is slowly driving you crazy, I’m already insane.  But when you are happy, I am out of this world ecstatic.  And when you bubble over with uncontained glee, I get so excited that sometimes I pee… Sorry.

I love you.

When I walk into a room that you have been in, I can feel traces of your presence.  When I walk into a room you are in, I wonder if anybody recognizes your Heavenly clothing of greatness.  On the dreariest of days your smile lifts me up.  Your touch is enough.  Your kiss – like a dove.  A manifestation of pure promise… Light unbridled, bridling the darkness.  I didn’t know grown men could feel giddy, until you looked at me, and my insides went silly… Shhhh.  Don’t tell anybody – you’ll ruin my street cred:)

I love you.

I love you, I dig you, I admire you, I desire you, I esteem you, I yearn for you… I think you’re the best, the most amazing, the most beloved, the most stunning, the most understanding, the most endearing, the most worthy of the remnants of good in this earth… I am committed to you, I’ll be truthful to you, I will do things with you, I will cater to you, I will tease you, I will trust you, I’ll probably tick you off, I will hold you, I will kiss you, I will cook for you, I will look you in the eye everyday and tell you that you are my Angel…

I love you.

An excellent woman motivates her man to be more… You do that.

An excellent woman knows her value, and so doesn’t look for her man at a store… You did that.

An excellent woman has a heart for the desolate, and helps with what she has… You do that.

An excellent woman looks after her whole family… mixing together all the elements like an award winning recipe…. You do that.

An excellent woman is strong and smiles at the future… You do that.

An excellent woman is surrendered to wisdom, and teaches kindness even unto her husband… You do that.

An excellent woman is productive, and the treasure in her husband’s eye… You are that.

She brings forth no foul thing, and evokes all of the trust of his mind… You do that.

You are the excellent woman, the pie in my oven, the catalyst to my lovin, the completion of my covenant, the spring that’s got me bubbling, the only one I cuddle with, the friend I jump in puddles with… 🙂

I… LOVE… You<3





~The Wordsmith


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