I recreate my mental creations through the lexicological flow of my tongue… My mouth opens, the floodgates are raised and out bursts the hurricane of vernacular praise. Artistic expressions honoring art itself by its sheer diversity in creativity. Vision is the Moses parting the seas of complacency and normality, that the Israelites of my nouns, verbs, and adjectives may march proudly through. Through to the other side of promise. Through to the other side of newness. Through to the other side where shackles are but a faint memory, and my daily companions are life and liberty. The lilies of the field burn with unmatched splendor, and I beseech my range of eloquence to harmonize with them as they blow gently in the winds of time. Never breaking no matter how far over they may be blown, and filled with perfect trust that the sun will always be there to facilitate their growth. This is the other side of the hill that is famed as being greener, but what they do not tell you is that it is not greener of its own volition, but rather based on the seeds of faith you sowed before you got there. Don’t sow apples and go lookin for oranges, or sow negatives and go looking for positives. Don’t sow a narrow mind, and expect a field of dynamic vision. Don’t dry out your life on the climb and expect lusciousness on the other side. No the green is your faith. Which is linked to your hope. Which is linked to what you believe. Which is reflected in how you LIVE. So LIVE in a manner worthy of the grass being greener on the other side…

~The Wordsmith


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