Super Hero

I can remember the day I became a hero
When I became number one – a step up from zero
My sense became common and I did it for the people
God was my rock. I was dispatched from the steeple
But nobody told me that life was a playground
Out here putting behind bars these clowns monkeying around
So busy flying high that nobody noticed my frown
Beyond Ronald’s ability to turn upside down
Fierce without Sasha, who’s gonna save the hero?
Strength without posture, lookin mighty weird though
Up and down, and around the world. Just like a yo-yo.
Feeling cold and isolated… call it fro-yo.
After the bad guys have been defeated
And dark kings have been unseated
Who’s gonna take hold of my feet and
Heal them back so I can save the streets again

But the hero is self sufficient. Resourceful and diligent.
Never dies. Never quits. Always fights. Has to win.
But what about that seed of doubt sown when no one was about?
What about that stab of fear that bleeds all on his face and beard?
Charging like El Torro, and running like batteries
Heedless of disaster, bruises, and battering
A ram in the bush for those who need a miracle
A lamp in the night for those who need a little glow
But who lights the path for the waning torch?
Nobody’s thinking about the rich becoming poor
Appearance is everything, and it’ll cost you everything
Through no fault of your own – that’s just the state of things
So yes I remember the day I became a hero
Gave up my rights to life, to try and get rid of tears though
I gave up myself, and now I think I want it back
But its been placed in the tallest closet, hung from the highest rack…



~The Wordsmith


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