Sun kissed words shriveled like raisins, kissed and held up to the sky… The phrases and loquacious fragments have dribbled from my mouth to the floor and need to be purified… Made so divine.  They need parsing so we can know for once and for all which was truth and which was heartfelt lie… When I was a child it was the 3 second rule… Now I hear it is 5.  Five seconds to clean up the mess I opened my mouth and made.  Five seconds to deposit cash into the bank to match the check my mouth just made.  Five seconds to turn left into right, and create day out of night, bring peace through the fright, and frighten death off from life… But there are not words enough in the world for all of the expressions needed to be lain out.  After I’ve hung mine out to dry for you, what then shall I wear?  What words are left for the wordsmith – the thread spinner – when he has given them all away?  Nothing remains, but dust and empty wardrobes.  Wardrobes void of potent words, and far from the magic to transport you to unknown worlds… Like water with no oxygen, the wordless wordsman slowly floats away…

Dilated pupils of idiomatic expression… Metaphors spun by creative spiders to teach various lessons… Silver white winters, Sunday night dinners, waking up a winner – these are a few of my favorite things.  Despite the dog bites, and bee stings, I still manage to see green things – I see life.  In spite of the pool of darkness that drowns the stars, and the oppressive  din that steals the breaths from the strings of a guitar… I hear rustling – I hear the war angels coming.  More in tune with that which is out of tune, though not un-tuned, that tuning in to these tangible toons makes me loony… toons.  I know secrets like runes, and the marks are all over my body like invisible tattoos.  There’s no spark, these marks don’t reach my heart, but babble like baboons, chasing prose away like goons.  Soon.  Soon I shall be free.  I shall either die, meet my queen, or at last discover my other me.  But soon I shall be freed from this cage where I so freely dole out power and vision…. Soon… Soon…

I shall be free.








~The Wordsmith


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