Nouvelle Femme

It’s her laughter.

The laughter she brings with her on every interaction… the unknotted meshing of our souls and the overarching banner of joy lighting up our countenance and jeweling our atmosphere like a rainbow existing between our eyes only… The waters flow deeply between us and though we may never submerge to the full depths, we know that we can always go as deep as we need to go, for the truth is – the moment we met, our hearts embraced never to let go…  There is a tender spark, a flash of electric sensation when our hands touch.  A transfer of power from heaven through our hearts, connecting us in perfect circuitry.  Certainly.  The stars marvel aloud to the entire universe at the wellspring of life that flows out of us… not knowing that prior to you I was merely striking flint, seeking ignition… Then – her laughter.

Her laughter was the magical lens exposing my earthly vision to the realm of a new world – a new dimension.  I thought I knew color, and taste, and sight, and smell, and hearing, and the pace of my heart beating… Then her laughter.  The catalyst to a liberating power so magnificent that the Roman gods kneel before me with honor.  Everywhere I go, every step I take I open my mouth to try and explain that it’s not me, before her I was plain, just another deer racing along the plains, another bird in the sky struggling to keep pace with airplanes, another visionary going through labor pains, a man watching greatness occur from the other side of the window pane… Then her laughter.

Her laughter that beats back disaster, and empowers her to be her own master.  Regal beyond adequate title, yet entitled to everything –  the only word close enough to her on this plane of existence is queen… So Queen I do call her.  Checking my pride and helping to rule it, empowering me as a Lion King, then flipping the script when she sweetly sings, my demeanor it flips akin to an awestruck baby… I have no words, and I am captivated by her splendor… Her splendor… Good Lord her splendor…!  With others it’s a task, but I want to give her candlelight dinners.  Serenade her with my heart songs, pull down the gifts of Heaven to this earth.  Give them to her.  Pray fervently for supernatural peace to descend on her… It’s her laughter.

I hope that every Son of Adam is graced by one of her… One of Eve’s beloved Daughters.  The woman who brings strife, confusion, and separation, stray far from… But the woman whose overall presence elevates your atmosphere – cleave to.  Listen to the winds… Keep your eyes on the sun… Surrender your senses to the phenomenal glories of greatness ricocheting around the universe, and nothing less shall return unto you… I do not know what your catalyst will be, but for me…

It’s her laughter.

~The Wordsmith


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