Closed Eyes

Right now my eyes are droopy

Vision snoopy

If they open and shut any faster

I might give in and pass out

I’m searching for words to say

Searching for something deep to hold your gaze

But all I hear are crickets

My giant imagination has shrunk to a midget

Perhaps… perhaps she was right

I need some sleep

But hey, love and work never do so why should I?

… Probably because I can barely open my eyes

The funny thing is that I’m brimming with revelation

So much culminated in this day man

I learned not only secrets unto my own self

But global secrets on how to save men

Ha.  Global secrets.

I’ll not attempt to explain, to see how deep you let it get.

Open the banks of your mind to a sea

And let new ideas sink in

That’s what my consciousness is doing

Acting like a broken Starbucks – not brewing

Frontin like I’m 60, telling me to hit the hay

I lean back in my chair, my voice hoarse saying, nay, nay…

However now I’m rambling

For words I’m not scrambling, but my mind is

So I do bid thee adieu and farewell…

…Listen to the lady…

…The stone knows nought from whence it was cast…

~The Wordsmith


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