Check Me

This is a minor plea… Not desperate, not thirsty – just a minor plea… Please stop treating me like a minor key.  Like I can’t undo big locks, and open the door to destiny.  Don’t treat me like I’m dingy, when the Craftsman made me shiny.  Don’t ignore my straight forward, and call it crooked and whiny.  I am not on display for your amen, or your parade, and so I would appreciate, if you would start to hesitate when you box and tape my name.  Unorthodox is me – get it right, but don’t ship me off.  I extend both hands for blessing – why you gonna flip me off?  I have a suggestion… More like an insisted recommendation… After you’ve given me the once over – go ahead and look me twice.  Then put on your 3D glasses, and look me in the eye… I guarantee that you will be surprised by what you find… There’s one that I’ve learned on this earth – there are few of my kind… This is a short excerpt from the book of my annoyance – I kept it brief like boxers, because I’m aware of your lack of clairvoyance… Now that you know… Give me a reason to not make a new edition… Don’t just check me off and check me out, and forget everything I’m about… Open your mind, like the expanse of the sea… Take a calming breath of air like the breeze on the beach…

And check – ME.

~The Wordsmith


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