The Girl That Changed Everything

I must admit… I’ve never done this before.  Normally things move at quite a more rapid pace, and in my haste I’m left with mess on my face… But for you – I’m going slow.  I’ve never done that before.  Normally I just jump all the way in, and get what I can get, before I get kicked… out.  Now, now I know what you’re thinking, and your perception of me is sinking, but what I’m talking about is my nature.  No, no stop thinking dirty – my nature is flirty.  I ease in with the charm, and the smile, and the wit like you’ve never encountered before.  My tactics surpassed that of a small army, because the first thing I do is cut your wires that trigger your alarming, so that everything I do is completely – disarming.  … But I didn’t do that with you.  I cannot.

I am moving slower than ever I have in my life.  Of course I have projections, and calculations – you very well could be my wife, but… I’ve never done this before.  Befriended as a friend with no intentions.  Wants yes, and hopes of course… But my thirsty mating call has grown hoarse, and I’ve mounted a new horse made of patience and endurance… Except on such a beast there is no insurance of assurance… Which is precisely why I’ve never done this before.  I’ve been afraid to lose to chance.  Too afraid to be enticed and then abandoned by romance.  So I gambled with double headed coins… A two faced maneuver that allowed me to engineer my own luck.  But with you… I don’t want luck.  I simply want – you.

How do I win your heart in a genuine fashion?  How do I get you to risk with me and step on this magic carpet to fly off further than you can imagine?  I am plagued by the fact that I can see you.  I see who you are… and long ranging implications of that which you will become.  I prayed, and I sought, and the Lord has said that yes – everything I would put in a basket for a wife, He has pre-packaged and bought… by creating you.  I dare not say I am in love – for those in such a state do crazy things.  But how long can I deny that you are her I would lay it on the line for?  How long must I keep silent about my growing affections?  … It’s your laughter.

I’ve never done this before… not led with a flirting sword.

I pray that you will be patient with me, and be brave and step into the day with me…

If not then I guess I’ll just be here waiting… hoping for a new idea…

Because I’ve never done this before.

~The Wordsmith


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