Cloud Full of Sunshine

Guess what I’ve got?  A cloud full of sunshine.

Most folks have rain in their clouds… but nope, not in mine

There may sometimes be sadness in my smile, but in my sadness there is hope.

There is strength in my legs to rebound back from the punch line of one of life’s jokes.

Call me right now… page me if thou must

The rumors are true – I’ve gone green – in God I trust

I trust that this is not the end of the road, and that I’ll not die alone

I trust that even though I’m in the fire… He wouldn’t put me here if I wasn’t gold

You see – my trust and belief are in higher things… helium dreams

Visions that don’t stare me in the eye, but snatch me off into the air like a gust of wind under a kite

Walk on water?  I could if I needed to.  Flex my own power?  Of course – the only thing I pump is the Truth

One thing have I come to realize…

In this world – the people are divided into two types

One type is absolutely out of their mind, and enslaved to the grind… Fearlessly afraid of failure, aware that they are running out of time

The other type is completely insane, with light on the brain, working harder than most, but not enslaved to trade… Matter of fact – they’re so twitter the way they trend freedom everyday!

If the only way to dominate this world is to be crazy… then that helps my vision not be hazy

I’ve already tried the first type, and it left my vision jaded, sowing seeds of self hatred

I’m still undergoing repairs.

Now it’s time to try type two… The vision’s in the air, and I’m flying up for the alley-oop

Guess what I’ve got?  A cloud full of sunshine.

It’s not the wispy vapors of wishful thinking…

It’s not hallucinations born of drinking…

This.  Is.  The.  Real.  Thing.

At least so I believe..

The fact that I’m already standing out as an anomaly is more than enough proof for me

When my sky rains, hails, and spits lightning at me…

My clouds of sunshine, shine ever brighter on me…

I really encourage you to try it.

You have to be crazy – that’s a given.

And you can always revert back if you don’t like it.

Go green.  Trust.  Seek light.  Work hard.  Manifest vision.  If you can think it… you can do it.

I haven’t even done anything yet.

But I do know one thing…

I’ve got a cloud full of sunshine.

~The Wordsmith


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