For too long I was the bartender serving this wine, that I refused to partake of.  Content in making it, and proclaiming it, but never stopping to see what it was made of.  Wine for the soul is not just a catchy slogan – some random animal in the forest, or a blend therein like Logan.  This mesmerizingly dark liquid, in this crystal glass is not even the representation of he who coined the concept, but rather a manifestation of the collective intake of humanity’s spiritual breaths.  It is the elixir of mighty.  The potion of the untamed.  Long generous drinks will keep you on the edge of your seat, but deprivation will drive you insane.

Like Captain Planet, the power is YOURS.  We have been given the earth and ambition, but we steady trying to swim to shore.  Afraid to drown in the seas of our own hope, completely unaware that regardless of your beliefs, all hope leads back to the Son of God who is in the practice of making human hearts His home… There can never be too much hope.  One can never believe too strongly.  From the time we were conceived we each contained the boundless strength of Hercules.  There is no need to power up because we’re already super saiyans!!  Our image of us has hit the floor – it’s time for a re-framing.

Wine for the soul ain’t nothing new… Matter of fact – it’s YOU.  What tickles your ambition?  What stirs your heart?  When you lay down to sleep – what visions dance before your mind’s eye in the dark?  We are the finite, born of the infinite, and so at the core of all that we are… We are completely – limitless.  Some say that the day is not long enough, but I would maintain that they probably have not done enough.  The day is as long as it needs be – it is up to US fit it to our stride and hem where it needs hemming.  We may not possess the ability to do everything that we see externally – which is good, because then our purpose wouldn’t be worth anything.  But all that is on the inside, is baking like great cookies… Like a majestic wedding cake… when it’s unveiled even our rivals will be caught looking.

Work hard, play harder… Work until you can retire… A couple phrases floating around this shire… But all I say is – live.  LIVE.  LIVE.  Wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing, live the fullness of you who are, and let your essence permeate the room.  Smile so hard that comedians laugh on stage…  Console so strong that the Haitians have better days… Serve so faithfully that even the homeless are striving to give aid… Take yourself out of the box.  Make your every environment your mission field.  Your mission is to be YOU, no matter how you feel.  Extract your you from truth… Hope, faith, love, belief… Then apply it as only you can do – this is YOUR life – give your best moves all the time like ABDC.

Off track doesn’t matter… That simply means you can get back on…

Disaster isn’t disaster… But a catalyst for more power drawn…

Defeat isn’t failure, and lack of success is not the end…

At the end of the day we can only walk the paths our feet were made to walk upon… So I choose you like a Pokemon, to be ride or die for light – like Tron.  Hope, love, and faith of which Love is the Gate – but once you pass through, you’ve gotta cleave to your belief to take you the rest of the way.

I am no different – I am right there with you.  I’m hiring overtime staff, so I can sit with you at the booth.  It’s time for this weary bartender to walk in his preached belief, pour a glass of his own soul wine and take a long slow drink…


Cheers, my friend.

~The Wordsmith


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