Free 16

I’ve 16 bars on how to help you let your shine

Shine into the night, make it bright-er, than sunlight

Delight in the gifts you have, learn to use your own might

That you might appreciate the extra strength in God’s might

Go the extra mile, when you don’t even care

And I promise that your care, will return to you in pairs

Paired up with abundance, like stockholder shares

Sharing their blessings with you, like smiles from care bears

Be a caring bear, and stop biting people’s heads off

Got ’em running like chickens, by exposing they neck raw

But rawly let your neck and mouth be the nexus

Let it be a symbol of excellence like a Lexus

As it adorns your every action, like a pearl strung necklace

The pearls turn to rings, and you eat a champion’s breakfast

Soulja Boy had it right, real soldiers wake and put they swag on

Ain’t afraid to be powerful, they boldly cut the light on

~The Wordsmith

By Joshua Evans Posted in Random

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