Work or Bust

Let’s begin the countdown… You see – I’m counting clowns.  Everybody talks good game these days, but once you pull their cards you can see that they’re Jokers.  Fakers, and haters, needing a beating by fireplace pokers.  This is a call to the authentic.  The horn is sounding loud and strong for those who have meant it.  I’m the Dealer and I’m calling the Kings to make an appearance.  This is the atmosphere.  Queens put on your crowns, so that the Kings know who you are.  Jacks, you guys manage the vision, be its herald, and make its content your mission.  For all of the numerals working hard in the system, work harder and get creative, so you can get to ears that will listen.  No one’s checking for a whisper.  What is wanted is you – just a lot clearer.  Shout it, dance it, sing it, rap it, whatever you do though make it as skilled as Michael Jackson and as natural as a habit.  The countdown has begun… Won’t be long til I reach one… When it’s over and done – which side will YOU be on?

~The Wordsmith


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