Free 32

Done found my motivation, its such a crazy sensation

I can work hard now, not get caught up in playin

These playas they be hatin, cuz I come at em like a Haitian

Dark skinned, hard workin, and never ceasin in creatin

I create like the creator, always breathing like Darth Vader

I smile at my haters, and take they riches like Takers

I’m the king of the block, and you won’t block my shot

I’m a pebble off The Rock, but and the gate is now locked

You can’t come behind me, cuz I’m takin up the scene

If you try and get behind me, I’ll gas you til you scream

Kill you with my labor, and bury you with my vision

Going hard globally is the essence of my mission

I moonwalk on the beat, so you can hear it again

I keep the glory on repeat, to hear above the din

I’ll kill you with my labor, and bury you with my vision

Going hard globally is the essence of my mission

_                                                                                                            _

I’m scarier than monsters, even the ones that work for Inc

And I’ll ink em out, erase em out, if they try and catch me

If they try and best me, then I bet they’ll soon see

I’m kind of like a turkey, slow bake, but so amazing

The timer goes off, and I jump up at the buzzer

I’m married to Greatness, and phenomenal is my cousin

Can’t muzzle me, cuz I’m full of speak, get off of me, don’t like a leech

I open my arms, go quite a reach, victories like sand, on the beach

And I keep it right on pressin, no matter my second guessin

Cuz I always learn my lesson, and always find the treasure

I’m better.  Than anything I’ve ever been before

Making so many baskets, that I broke the scoreboard

This is definitely not a game, but yo this is Life

And I bench press it with my weakness, all day and night

I’m a knight – from the High King’s table, and I’m way more than able

More than a conqueror, if there’s more then I’ll conquer it

~The Wordsmith


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