World Changer

My whisper carries the power of a gale force hurricane… With my very words I can either incite, or be still, the rain.  With the things that I say, I can create a whole day, bake it fresh like an apple pie, look nice – Olay!  Or I can kill it… and lay it in the grave.  Rot every second with my cavities of negativity, and generate life decay…  My normal voice stirs a noise so violent, that it erupts into tornadoes halfway around the world.  My words, like missiles, are everywhere like thistles, and wherever someone bristles, the force of my verbs screams like a police chief whistle.  My shout… Ah you don’t want to hear my shout.  I crash mountains into the ground.  I get too loud for sound.  The splendor of my candor out-glorifies the most glamorous crown…. Watch out.

My slight inklings alter the very fabric of reality.  From simply having a minor fraction of thought on the tiniest subject, I have introduced the power of my mind into the earth.  My intuition is a sledgehammer.  My daydreams, a club and mace… A fully formed thought in my head, indicates dread, for whatever exists in this realm as its opposite, because it must opt to sit, in my presence because I never quit.  I am literally dangerous.  The conscious stream of cohesive thought known as imagination takes me out of this world and places me on my Heavenly throne.  The raw potency of my unfurled imagination prevents me from making the earth my home.  I’m gone.  Beyond space.  Beyond taste.  Beyond hate.  My imagination creates a continuum where the ethereal dictates, and the foundations of the earth shake, and God smiles because I’ve tapped into my inherited ability to create – If you’re looking for me… I’m in that place.

The longer I live, the more I find this to be true… I don’t ever need to brag – merely tell the truth.  The truth will get in, and weed out, polish and leave a nice seal, and change me for the better when it comes out my mouth.  Reality is really the realness you really allow yourself to partake in… It is a flowing river connecting all men.  Dip in.  Surrender.  … How can real be real if I gotta keep faking…?   A cup full of reality in an ocean full of fake, is about as effective as trying to raise the water levels by spitting into a lake.  Work?  It cain’t.  Behave.  Obey.  Push beyond your limitations, accept you for you, know you for you, and live in nothing but love and truth… Try something else, and I guarantee you will always come back to those two.  In other words… To thine own self be true… In all that you do.  Think about it.

… I am changing the world.


~The Wordsmith


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