Why does recklessness exist?

Why does boredom never rest?

How are there millions dying of hunger, yet so many gluttons?

How does a child die daily for lack of water, and so many waste it?

Where are the selfless heroes of the modern era?

This age.  This time.  Where are those fixated on the Divine?

Why does love fail so often…?

Or is it that it is never employed…?

What does it mean when the upright stumble?

What happens when the low are elevated?

Why do guys get so wrapped up in the chase that they forget to catch?

Why do women look down on that which they desire, because it doesn’t shine like that which others desire?

If your hope steps away from you, are you a doubter?

If you doubt consistently, does that make you faithful?

Is there safety in a lie told to protect?

When the lights go out – is dark then in control?

What is the purpose in meaning?

And what is the meaning of purpose?

Who… are… YOU?


~The Wordsmith


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