It’s simple really…

The longer the earth ages, the more the book of my life withers, and turns yellow at the edge of the pages.  With every breath inhaled by this atmosphere, I at once fear, fearing to fail before myself and my peers.  You see because Doubt and Impatience pace their way patiently, placating the plays made in this game of life, with empty promises.  It’s simple.  The scientists have overcomplicated it, and far too many religiously types have made it intricately dumb.  Good works do not get you into Heaven any more than bad ones get you into Hell.  Put the works on the shelf.  Look up like an elf.  Think on it – and think on it well.  Evil and Righteousness are the major dynamics splitting the galaxy in two.  The schism between Light and Dark gives moral decisions their cue.  Bad deeds do not lead one to the burning lake, but to the clasping tendrils of the Dark they do so open the gate.  Good deeds will not place you on one of Heaven’s thrones, or let you call it home, but it does overcome Evil, and give Light license to roam.  It’s simple.  You give and you get.  You steal and you lose.  You started off barefoot where you are, and you’ll finish running in shoes.  Ambition deserves kisses, and affection like no other.  Vision is a bride, tied to one’s soul, pleasing your mother.  It’s simple.  If you want to be effective… To VHS your emptiness and eject it… To mr. fantastic your abilities and stretch em… Then accept it.  Simplicity.  Less is more.  If you find yourself drowning, or overwhelmed, divide to the most accessible denominator then make all the moves you need to.

It’s really quite simple.


~The Wordsmith


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