Vacuum Breath

INFINITE is the expanse between the stars….

Yet such a small distance between men

WHAT in this world could ever compare

To fractures like a hair, and the silliness of being scared?

Where are… the marvels

The galaxy marvels at mankind’s galaxy sized unbelief

The type of unbelief that believes it is right to nail the flawless to a tree

What solace is there for the sorrows of the universe?

Who shall comfort her… who shall whisper that it will be alright…

I half dance on the floor… waiting for her to join this waltz

But her heart is broken – I suspect it is at least half my fault

I’m not healing the world!

I’m being consumed by it… by me…

I make only marginal increase in my spiritual lack

All of creation supports the fact that the ethereal root

Is the spine of my joy, and will always have my back

The trees bear witness, to my bared witness…

I’m all about comfort.

My actions, my hesitations, my falls…

To keep my comfort appeased.

Please.  Help me.  Heal me.  The universe needs me.

I’ll be the torch!!  A fantastic one.

Bring the light like on a porch, and burn all the dark ones.

… INFINITE is the expanse between the stars…

And infinite is the power of the heart….


~The Wordsmith


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