Possibly Certainly

I am he who could possibly be

I am certainly beyond possibility

I spied the glow from your eyes

You enchanted me without even trying

Flirting became a joke

The light in your soul told me you were different folk

I know I only get one chance with your heart

So call me a Parker Brother

I’m parking the title brother

Monopolizing this unique chance at Divine romance

Your grace is as enticing as Rome and as

I ask you questions – you’re prone to laugh

Jesus smiles at me through your gleeful melodies

I can hear the exaltation of His creation as you giggle


Could this be love?

Could it have smitten me this soon?

This is the dawn of a friendship, so why does it feel like noon?

It’s true – I was captivated the moment you stepped in the room

I never stopped thinking about you

Leaving myself room to doubt you

Trying to trump this spade and dig you out

Pound.  Fail.

I am he who could possibly be

Much more than a possibility

A degree shy of a certainty

But there is one register than can change everything

… Will you step out and risk with me?


~The Wordsmith


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