Inner Vigilante

The book was heavy… My head – thick.  They threw the whole thing at me, but I just – head butted it.  The ladies call it charm, the gents call it wit, but in the face of opposition, I’m their unyielding zit.  Though these cuffs may click, my explosive reign nears its final tick, your judge seat is just for rent – along with your confidence – cuz when I get out of this, I promise I’ll own ALL of this.  I solved the matrix without a calculator, took over the galaxy without Darth Vader, played the game without bein a hater, and I shine my light on the world as a bonus favor.  I am he that needs to be free, because these bars do not define me, these prison clothes do not design me, these mountains won’t beat me climbing, and a broken clock can’t stop my timing.


~The Wordsmith


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