Mi Corazon

This feeling is crazy.

I wake up with it daily, daily reminding myself that it’s just me waking and that the woman of my dreams is not my wife, my boo or my baby.  I write rhymes, turn on the radio, turn it off and then right more rhymes, but apparently I’m out of thyme, because the flavor of my life has suddenly become dull.  I used to be the Incredible Hulk, or simply Mr. Incredible, but now I’m a vegetable.  Used to be the Big Meat, with a lot of cheese, but now I’m no longer even edible.  I know I sound pathetic, and I’m sounding out my letters to see if my use of them makes me better, but I’m sweating like summer weather, denying my heart this pleasure… To look you dead in the eye, and sweetly sing – “You make me better…”

This feeling is crazy.

I must be a Pharaoh, because woman you plague me!  Where’s the Red Sea, where’s the palace key, here take the whole kingdom, but just stay far from me… I have never felt such a perfect blend of utter enticement and toxic dread.  I long to see your face, hear your voice, trade the latest jokes, and possibly annoy some folks… But at the same time your lack of recognition of my heart’s position, makes me wanna come up missin, like college class ditchin, and I know it sounds like a wimp and my courage I am whippin, but we haven’t known each other that long – all I know is that although my soul was whole… YOU were what was missin.

This feeling is crazy.

The light of my heart is eclipsed by your beauty, and my truce unto truth truly shows me an us in our future, should we cast ourselves for the leading roles in this love movie.  Your words – are soothing.  Your laughter – my undoing.  And although I know things won’t be perfect, and this cat of affection may accidentally die, it has nine lives, and each one of them is purpose, and I propose that we go steadfast to the hole, alley oop and dunk this thing, and bring to this dark earth another glow… This feeling is crazy.  Or maybe I am.  In my head, I want to be your head, want to be the face next to yours when you lay down in bed, the hands of your massage when you really need some rest, the answers whispered in your ear when you are taking a test, and I’ve even learned some french to spice our romance… Ma cherie<3 Lol  I’m a mess.  Crazy in the head.  Loco in la cabeza.  But I have hope like a seed in planter, that you will meet me in sky, standing on top of love’s branches…

This feeling is crazy.


~The Wordsmith


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