Universal Son (Mother’s Day Piece)

This is a tribute to mothers ’round the globe

The ones who starred in my life as if it was a show

I have mad love for you all and I thought that you should know

Without you – this boat wouldn’t float

You hold this thing together like staples and clippers

The way things are going, it’s only gon’ be the clippers at the center

If the lakers don’t start winnin

They’re over and done, like bacon in the kitchen

But anyways you mothers are absolute beasts

You beat the stupid out of me completely, I think

Mother’s ain’t no reverends, but they sure can preach

So many commandments, its like they put us on a leash

And it’s funny, how as kids we try and dip and break free

But then 10 years later, cataracts gone and we can see

See, the A to the B, and all the way down to Z

Our mothers were on point with pretty much  everything


I see you single mothers in the midst of your battles

Thinking that your kids have placed you in the shadows

But I promise that I see you, beyond your child’s rattle

And in my eyes, you’re a knight – you never left the saddle

To the mothers who slaved for their kids – kudos

From you we learned to fight and to win – judo

We work and we grind cuz this life isn’t futile

We livin’ not of this world like you – pluto

We have faith for greater things, and we will attain our dreams

We dream for your freedom like Martin Luther King

Everything we achieve is in honor of thee

A bell.  A wedding…  Freedom ring.

The truth is, the truth is too much truth and

Webster doesn’t have enough words to express you

So we compile our finest thoughts, and hope that it will do

Pause.  Star Wars.  May the Force be with you…


~The Wordsmith


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