Anti Cupid

Are you waiting on me to do something?

Perhaps call you specifically by name…


I joke and I play, and offer my umbrella

But you turn away and leave me in the rain


I feel your eyes, like a sniper’s sights

But you never take the kill shot


Strike me down with your love

Let us resurrect a marriage


I used to believe that a good heart sufficed

I used to believe that light could repulse the night


But then I encountered you and your kind

So declarative, yet unable to make up your mind


Smiles, hugs, and flirty eyes

But then you just wave and let me pass by


I am perplexed above all and plagued by my want

If I had my choice – the notion of love I would have willingly forgot


However, stuck in this dimensions I am

Your ever changing emotions, leavin me greener than eggs and ham


So I shrug

It’s all I can do


Try and find something worthy to tune into

Some nourishment that will distract from the primary food group – you


I no longer know what it is you are expecting of me

Heart, compassion, empathy, integrity – I have all of these


Only conclusion?

Despite your claims, you’re not looking for me


I believed you were, which resulted in so low me

And now – it’s just solo me


~The Wordsmith


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