Hungry Helper

I couldn’t get to my beloved cereal on time.

I tossed and I turned entranced by this prancing dream, that took me into the circus then threw me off the high beams.  I was stuck to the ceiling.  I panicked trying to exit into consciousness, but my dreams had the upper hand in confidence, and was merely using me as a prop to spice things up – a human condiment.  I rolled about, as my own mind viciously threw me around.  What part of the game is this?  Finally I was saved by my mistress Gravity, when I rolled off the bed and landed – badly.  I was awake, but now my head was pounding, I think I was breathing, but it was kind of raggedy sounding.  I eyed my mattress with suspicion, and glared at my pillow.  I uttered nary a word – just shook em off like Willow.

I couldn’t get to my beloved cereal on time.

I’m now sprawled on the floor like a bare skin rug, I can barely even shrug, but somehow I give myself a nudge.  We should go eat I say.  But I want a bit more sleep, comes my response.  I narrowed my eyes – if we don’t eat, we false start our day I said through gritted teeth.  Oh don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere, I yawned back sleepily.  Just who do you think you are!!  I shout at myself often, and often I shout myself unconscious.  I had fallen asleep again – what nonsense.  … My ears twitched.  My skin tingled.  Then with a violent shiver I woke up with all senses at full alert – I had forgotten to close the window.  I tried to knock back out, but shivers are like pringles – can’t have just one.  Finally I popped up, glaring at the clouds who had taken the place of the sun.

I couldn’t get to my beloved cereal on time.

I was so awake at that point, that I figured I may as well begin my day.  Confound it – room was a mess.  Is that – a dress???  Oh geez.  I don’t even know where that came from, my curiosity is scratching my brain some, but it came up with nothing.  Soooooo we dropped it out the window.  Case closed.  But now the problem of all my clothes.  It wearies me, so I slip into my robe.  Head to the bathroom to blow my nose.  While I’m in there I shower – might as well – I come back out and it’s freezing as hail.  Slip back into my robe, find my thick slippers, and proceed to head down the stairs… The front door slams open, and my best friend is breathless yelling at me.  What?  What?  … Oh – his car broke down and he needs a lift to work apparently.  Seriously?  Wistfully I look to where my kitchen be… Guess I’ll be back for lunch.

I didn’t make it to my beloved cereal in time.


~The Wordsmith


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