No Stranger

I know you…
And I know you’re so afraid to believe it
For you, knowing equals time, and time equals life
But we could have the time of your life
If you would but join my hand in living it
I know you…
When I see you, I see your spirit – God’s handiwork
Your gilded attentions, tend immensely to my senses
Tasting, touching, hearing, vision
Your scent is the essence of purity and therefore scentless…
Its only witness the light in the air I’m breathin
I know you…
I know you because I learned you inside out
Before we even had conversation I was checkin you out
Seeing if the God structure inside your soul was sound
Sound proof to doubt’s howls, and fear’s growls
Oblivious to bein the butt of Satan’s jokes like a towel
And drying away the sweat from your last battle
Knowledge – can be attained…
Romance moments – can be framed…
But the space moments that take my breath away
And the sparks of our bond that turn into flames in the fireplace
I have filed away.
Awaiting the day.
Awaiting the day… the day that you declare Today
And when you do – my love will be there…
The former gap between us gone without a trace.
I know you…

~The Wordsmith


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