Making History

This one’s for the history books.

It shall be legendary how I made this legend airy, by tossing it into the winds.  I winded this beast of impressiveness and when it offered a secondary challenge, I spit in its face.  Daily I wake with doubt and disgrace, and so this day – this day twas my pleasure to stomp its reputation into the grave.  To drown it in its own waves.  To return its curses back upon its own head.  Today I am the master, and you are the slave.  Today I am the Emperor and you are the maid.  You are my itch, and I burn you – marking myself with the pain you left, as I devise your exit.

This one’s for the history books.

My anger smolders against thee.  Broiling.  Burning.  Hades’ flames of hell would be to you, a mercy.  I am pulling your needles from my eyes.  My agonies piercing the air.  I see red.  My vision is plagued by blood.  A peculiar sort of blindness that can only be cured by mud, and so I piss in the dirt, then sling it at your being… Your revulsion is my healing.  I feed on your contempt.  Your shackles are my freedom.  I hate everything you are, and everything you represent, and at every opportunity I slam you with a hammer like I was securing a tent.

This one’s for the history books.

I’m hoping that this triumph is not yet again in my mind, because I swear if it happens one more time, the next time, there won’t be I.  There won’t be j, there won’t be k – I’ll murder every letter.  I’ll set this world ablaze, if that’s what it takes to make me better.  You’ve got me going crazy – I’d prefer to have woman problems – now I feel so lazy – too many clues for me to solve em.  I’m batting at phantoms and drinking deeply of mirages… Chasing the invisible, and running after pauses… Though – if this be true… Then truth indeed I am indebted to.  But if this be lie – then I hold not myself responsible for the destruction that materializes from my mind…. Either way –

This one’s for the history books.


~The Wordsmith


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