A Peek

What do you say when you don’t have any words?
But hey he’s The Wordsmith they say that that’s absurd
In case you haven’t heard, I’m so cold brrr
I wish you were in my head, to take out this monster
Sometimes I wonder if I should lay the pen down
But then I think of the the fans I would let down
But I stay down, hopin I’ll find the right word to take me to the clouds
So far I haven’t. So far I’ve smashed it.
Smashed my attempts to move beyond the fence
The way these issues compact, it’s got me feeling dense
So covered in confusion I think I need a rinse
Is this rap or is this poetry?
Is this too honest cuz I feel like you’re gettin more of me
I guess that it’s for now, my thoughts you got a kernel
The rest of this will be in my rhymes, cuz I dont keep a journal
I don’t only write about love and happy, happy
I have issues like you do, and I cannot stand my daddy
Don’t get anything twisted, amidst all this ventining
Your attention I rented cuz I could no longer resist it
These won’t always be so dark. Won’t always be so stark.
But if you notice I’m not on the boat
It’s cuz I’m almost drowning tryna swim beside the ark

~The Wordsmith


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