Baby Girl

Baby girl…
The moonlight reflects off your hair
The night winds sing sweet melodies down to a whisper
The echoes of your beauty hollowing out beauty itself…
Mm baby girl…!
You got me swoonin!
All the others I wound up moonin
But you’re my double scoop of ice cream and I’m about to be spoonin!
Your eyes have raptured mine
And your presence at present takes me to another time
A wonderful woman makin me a super man
Just follow my lead and I’ll fly you where no one can
The lake behind you is so enticing
In my minds eye I see you re-emerged from your diving
And the water streaming down your smooth skin like a slip and slide
Slip and slide my way my queen
My mind knows, my heart understands, but my words and hands will show you what I mean
This beautiful night was crafted by the gods
And signed by Cupid
And I guess I’m like a parent because I do not want to spare the rod
You’ve got me hypnotized by your movements
Mesmerized by your fluenc-y
You’re speaking a silent dialect that nobody knows
But I comprehend because you’re speaking straight to me
Baby girl… Mm baby girl…
Thou hast awakened the deeper me.

~The Wordsmith


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